Color Consultation

A well chosen paint color can set the tone for your space. Whether you want to update a single room or refresh your entire home, we're here to help. We're obsessed with the varying degrees of beige and gray in that perfect neutral paint and we know how to get wild with color in the just the right places. Let your paint choice be the best back drop of a life well lived.

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Interior Spaces

You may not speak the language of paint, fabric, wallpaper and furniture but we do. Look at Susan Covell Designs as a translator; telling the story of your life through the color and contents of your home. You may have a heirloom piece passed down for generations and personally, a much more modern asthsetic. Both ideas can work in the same space. Call it transitional, eclectic or the new modern. This is your home and it's uniquely you.

Original Artwork

Sometimes you just need a donut on your wall, or a Chicago hotdog, or an abstract painting that reminds you of your time at the beach. Art work should be personal and your walls, their color and design and the pictures that hang on them, should be a reflection of you.


Decorative Painting

Susan Covell Designs began as a decorative painting business in 2000. If you needed a wall faux finished, striped, plastered, stenciled, or flourished in any way, Susan was your go to gal. While up on ladders and scaffold, Susan fielded questions about wallpaper and where to put a piece of furniture, and while she loves all those decisions too, a piece of her heart will always
remain true to her decorative painting roots.